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Industrial Medical Services

All personnel employed by OP Fire & Safety are registered under the Alberta Health Disciplines Act as paramedics (EMT-P’s), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) or Emergency Medical Responders (EMR’s). OPFS also ensures that medical staff are up-to-date with skills and newest medical technology. Our Medical Director is Dr. Palma.

Onsite medical personnel and equipment for remote locations and high-hazard work includes:

  • Drilling / Exploration

  • Completion / Fracturing

  • Turnaround / Maintenance

  • Pipeline / Infrastructure

  • Plant Expansion / Infrastructure

  • Forestry Wildfires

Medical services are equipped to assist clients with:

  • Semi-permanent onsite first aid rooms and clinics

  • Drug and alcohol testing (pre- and post-incident)

  • Various levels of medical attendants certified by relevant  provincial licensing authorities

  • Various levels of medical care from first aid to advanced life support, with all attendants certified by relevant provincial licensing authorities

  • Backup for municipal or regional health authorities in the event of large-scale emergencies

  • Special event standby coverage, such as concerts and sporting events


Medical Transport Vehicles

Oilfield Paramedics Fire & Rescue medical services fleet is comprised of a variety of specialized vehicles designed and equipped to meet our clients’ site-specific requirements. Most units have four-wheel drive for access to remote locations.

Mobile Treatment Center (MTC)

This 4 X 4 unit is available as a stand-alone unmanned, or with staff qualified to perform basic life support (BLS) or advanced life support (ALS). The vehicle is able to transport two injured workers at a time.



This unit comes fully stocked with Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment and staff, similar to requirements for municipalities.

Emergency Transport Vehicle (ETV)

This state-of-the-art 4 X 4 unit is staffed with or without medical attendants qualified in BLS or ALS in instances.

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