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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Your work environment is packed with customers, the kitchen is hot and bustling with new orders all surrounded by highly flammable materials which are prone to flash fires. Cooking equipment in restaurants pose a serious problem to public safety, and if they’re not properly maintained and inspected it could demolish the whole building.

At OP Fire and Safety we Maintain Wet and dry kitchen suppression systems that shall be inspected semi-annually by the terms of the Alberta Fire Code and NFPA 17, 17A and 96. Fusible links must be changed annually or more frequently if mandated by the manufacturer. It is imperative to ensure the cooking appliances’ fuel sources are properly interrupted upon activation of the fire suppression system. Therefore testing does mean that a shutdown of the cooking equipment is required. Inspection reports must be kept by the owner/manager for examination by the insuring agent and/or the authority having jurisdiction.

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