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Fire Extinguisher & Hose Maintenance​


Extinguishers and Hoses are essential for fire protection:

A partially charged, or neglected piece of fire equipment may not be reliable in a fire situation. OP Fire & Safety sells and services most sizes and types of Fire Extinguishers and equipment.


  • All services performed are in accordance with Alberta Fire Code, NFPA 10 and NFPA 1962.


Annual Service Accordance with NFPA 10:

Annual service is intended to give maximum assurance that the extinguisher will operate safely and effectively. It includes all points covered in our inspection, and any necessary repair, replacement and/or subsequent testing. A tag or label is securely fastened identifying the individual having performed the service.


6-Year Maintenance Accordance with NFPA 10:

Every 6 years, stored pressure extinguishers must be emptied and subjected to a full internal inspection and applicable maintenance procedures, including a thorough examination of all mechanical parts and extinguishing agent.


Hydrostatic Testing Accordance with NFPA 10:

A periodic test mandated by NFPA and the Department of Transportation (DOT) requiring highly specialized test equipment to ensure the integrity of an extinguisher or cylinder at its listed operating pressure. Dry chemical, Halotron, and other clean agent extinguishers are to be hydro-tested at 12-year intervals. High-pressure carbon dioxide extinguishers are to be tested at 5-year intervals.


Fire Hose Maintenance Accordance with NFPA 1962:

All in service hose designed for occupant use shall be removed and tested at intervals not exceeding 5 years after installation and every 3 years thereafter.


We Can Help

Business owners often have a lot of questions about fire extinguishers – what size and type do I need? How many fire extinguishers should I get, and what are the locations they should be placed? When you partner with OP Fire & Safety, our licensed technicians will make the right choices for you based on your needs.

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